September 8, 2006

Since the Cubs have continued a pathetic, debilitating slide into last place… it has been tough for me to keep writing. But here’s a recap of recent news.

Sucks in Detroit, fans have already turned on him. Ha!

Traded to Minny. If we had gotten him right when Lee got hurt, this season MIGHT have been different. Now it just sucks.

“Intrascrotal Hematoma” What is that? That is being drilled in the sack with a baseball¬† and having your scrote fill up with blood. Bad news. The good news is that they caught it in time, and if he chooses, he can have kids, who will beat up A.J.’s kids. The funny thing is that Mikey is having a career year.

That grand slam on his birthday a few days ago was the balls.

Ugh. Please don’t let it be serious. Please don’t let it be serious.

Why?! In the name of god, why?!

But Pierre has another month to increase his market value. Good for him.

save after save

I hate this team


Neifi! is gone

August 22, 2006

Wow! How do I put it into words? Neifi? Gone? Christmas in August?

He goes to Detroit and in his first game he goes 0-4 with a GIDP.  HAHAHAHAHAH

I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would trade for him… thank you Detroit.


Bad Blogger / Worse Team

August 8, 2006

Sorry to all my loyal readers out there… the lack of Dusty firing in my life made me apathetic. Here’s what we missed:

  1. The Cubs went on a little wins streak (and are playing decent ball right now). This undoubtedly will result in a contract extension for Dusty. And extended contractions-like pain for me.
  2. Greg Maddux, hall of famer, was traded for Cesar Izturis. C-Section is actually a worse hitter than Neifi Perez, in every category. But he makes up for it with his stellar D… one percentage point better than Neifi… which is okay since he makes 2 million per year more than Neifi. Way to go Hendry, you fucked us again.
  3. Todd Walker got traded for a 19 year old kid with bad acne.
  4. Derrek Lee is still hurt and may be out for the year. Fuck you Furcal!

The only good news of late are the stories of the manager/owner feuds in Florida. Perhaps Girardi will come to Chicago! Which would be great, if the rumors of Dusty having already signed an extension and Hendry waiting until a hot streak to announce it are true.


Re-Defining Rock Bottom Evey Day

July 17, 2006

11 Runs! One inning!

Humiliation upon humiliation.

What else needs to happen to make changes to the team?

Cub fans were throwing trash on the field on a nationally televised game.

The cubs are a joke and america is laughing.

Writers, bloggers, fans and reporters have all been calling for change, but the only ones who haven’t recognized (or are too scared to recognize) are the Cubs front office.

Today is an off day, perfect day to make some wholesale changes. Cross your fingers.


It’s getting ugly

July 15, 2006

Unfortunately for my six readers, my cub-apathy is manifesting itself in less articles. However, after reading this, from the tribune, I had to comment.

The cubs are turning in on themselves.

Todd Walker is lashing out at Brenly, blaming RonCe, and alienating himself in the clubhouse.

Derrek Lee is calling the team sluggish.

Jock Jones is apparently calling “Fire Dusty” chanting fans, and those fans are being ejected.

Oh yeah, and the cubs lost.

This team is coming out of the break looking worse than before AND Prior has gone back on the DL. It’s that time of the month.

Dusty doesn’t have his horses, so he won’t be fired, but he can’t win. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

I continue to watch in apathetic, but morbid fascination.


Embracing the Apathy

July 12, 2006

it looks like Dusty Baker will not be fired. Apparently, winning 3 of 4 games before the break shows Dusty has got the magic back and this team is ready to compete for a championship.

I’m so disgusted and humiliated to be a Cubs fan today.

I hope this team loses every game from here on out. I am now pulling for the worst record in baseball.

This season has actually made me consider dropping my life long Cubs fanaticism. Maybe I will become a fan for another team. Or maybe just drop baseball entirely.

98 years since a championship

61 years since a world series appearance

The Marlins have won 2 since 1997

The D-backs have won 1

The Red Sox broke their curse

The White Sox broke their curse

The collapse of 2003

The collapse of 2004

The failure of 2005

The utter disaster of 2006

I’m running out of reasons to care for a team (and more importantly, an organization) who obviously does not care about me, or the other fans.

Sure, they spend money, but they make a lot more. The Yankees are required to win by their fan base, same with the Mets and Red Sox.

Cub fans may complain, but they are the lovable LOSERS. And if you feverishly, blindly, financially and moronically support LOSING, you get LOSING.

I hope the Cubs get overtaken in attendance and support by the White Sox. I hope Chicago becomes a Sox town. I hope Neifi starts every game. I hope Prior and Wood move onto other teams and win Cy Youngs. I hope Dusty is the captain of the ship as it runs aground and sinks.

Fuck the Cubs. And Fuck me for being a fan of them.


The Kerry Wood Era

July 9, 2006

Kerry has a torn rotator cuff. (they say it’s partial, which is like having a partial torn ACL, you’re done)

He’s finished for the year, the Cubs will excersize the buy out. My hope is that he can come back next year on a 1 year, incentive-laden contract with the cubs.

Kerry has been my fav since he came on the scene in ’98. His game vs. the Astros might just be the greatest game ever pitched. (The hit he gave up WAS an error.) He was electric and amazing. But he was never able to (or taught to…) have a repeating, non-damaging move to the plate. It was too violent and too wicked. It’s a shame.

The Cubs medical staff has failed and the coaching staff has failed. They have failed a good guy, with a unlimited ceiling and who loved being a Cub.

He could’ve been the greatest pitcher in Cubs history, but now he is a footnote and it sucks.

I really hope he heals, resigns with the Cubs, (tho I won’t blame him if he doesn’t) and returns to the greatness he was destined for.

What else is gonna happen on Dusty’s watch?